Mobile Guest Wi-Fi

Plug your smartphone or cable modem into your puck link router.
Instantly create a Free Guest Wi-Fi network of up to 100m /to 400m anywhere, any time.
Receive email, Facebook or other contact info from anyone who logs in.

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Wireless Bluetooth Beacon

We give you a tiny wireless device called the puck.
You decide the promotional message you want to broadcast.
The puck sends your message to every nearby smartphone, and you can automatically track views and clicks.

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what you get

Share your content instantly via text or email. Publish to social media in two clicks. Broadcast your landing page to every nearby  phone with our seamlessly integrated puck bluetooth technology. Or capture leads anywhere, any time with our  Mobile Guest Wi-fi system.

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Close Sales

Track analytics and demographics on incoming leads. Manage your sales activity so no leads get stale. And monitor all of your key sales metrics from lead generation to closed deal. 100% Automatically.

iPhone and Android Apps

Enjoy full system functionality when you're on the move.

Generating leads is critical for any business - but so is closing them. Getting a prospect's email address is great, but imagine how much more successful you'd be if you had their phone number, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn profile, or knew more about their background and interests. look up makes it simple. Just enter any email address and our proprietary search engine will instantly add valuable information about your new contact. 310-775-3245


Lead Generation Technology

White Label Opportunity

  • The  platform is available for white labeling by leading companies worldwide for both internal use and resale.
  • Your branding will appear on the desktop app, iPhone and Android apps, pucks (bluetooth beacons),  (Wi-Fi routers), and all product packaging.
  • Additional optional services include branded promotional website, e-commerce platform and payment processing.
  •  set up fees required
  • Volume-based pricing.

    One stop turnkey service

    We have a professional engineer team that can provide complete design for software, hardware, Related SDK and configure software.