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Powerful and versatile, proximity marketing is here to stay, take advantage of this powerful tool that can make real changes in how you encourage people and track their behavior. Proximity technology leverages two influential trends of the modern era, mobile devices and digital adaptation. Mobile devices have become an interface for consumers to research, share, and connect instantaneously. Conventional mediums such as newspaper ads, flyers, billboards, telemarketing, or radio and TV ads all involve substantial costs or expensive productions, but with no substantial matrix to understand the effectiveness of the campaigns — especially the number of people who have seen the ad and reacted or engaged. Proximity marketing represents a dramatically superior and transparent alternative, with real time data and response. Over 90% of smartphone owners are using their devices to find directions or obtain other location based information, and the estimated 15 billion connected devices of today will jump to 50 billion by 2020.​ A​ proximity platform capitalizes on this trend to create an opportunity for campaigns to reach out to the masses and push current information anywhere, anytime!

The proximity industry has been growing incessantly, and according to Market and Market, it is expected to be worth USD 52.46 Billion by 2022. With reports that over 19 industry giants have invested and deployed proximity technologies, with the top four being retail, hotels, stadiums, and airports, the future is now. Retail, in particular, has been more aggressive in deploying location-based marketing strategies, out of 4.5 million beacons to be active by 2018, 3.6 million are slated to operate in retail space. In professional sports 47 % of NFL stadiums, 53% of NBA venues, 55 % of NHL venues and a staggering 93% of MLB stadiums are now using proximity technology. Smartphones have made proximity the most popular consumer technology and undoubtedly makes for the strongest and most

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